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Full Site Audit

From the very onset of commencing your SEO campaign, a full site audit is always in order. Nine times out of ten all sites will normally have errors, content or page structural concerns which effect on site SEO which ultimately effects rankings on search engines. A good site audit will unveil loads of possibilities for greatly improving rankings and improving on the user experience.

On Site SEO

On site search engine optimisation is a critical element of SEO and ensuring that your website makes its way up the ladder in rankings. There many ranking signals alone just in on site optimization and if we do not get this correct from the beginning, off site SEO will be limited in propelling your site to the top of the rankings. From content structure, to keywords, metatags, and sub-headers, we leave no stone unturned on serious on site SEO errors.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding who your actual competitors are is crucial to your rankings. Here we identify your immediate competitors and carry out an analyses on their own sites with on site values and off site SEO and their resources. It is here we determine the keyword gap analyses and form a clear understanding of what type of SEO you will need in order to pass the competition on page 1. Predominantly, it often your competition that determines the level of SEO your services will require to make page 1.

Keyword Research

Ranking on Google today is not just about keywords but topical relevance. What keyword is typed into Google will be determined by topical relevance, specific keywords on your site and if it answers the user query which ultimately is the deciding factor of your website appearing for your targeted search terms. We carry out effective keyword research so you appear for keywords that convert, not keywords that just drive traffic figures with no conversions.

Link Building

Link building is critical for SEO and for any site to climb the rankings. Successful Link building outreach is seen as a vote for your site. We build links that come form related websites that can also pass traffic to your site. These sites are relevant and hold healthy metrics which only aid in your own site progressing higher on search engines. Link building always was and still is the cornerstone of SEO and does not appear to be changing any time soon.

Keyword Rank Tracking

As the days turn not weeks and the weeks turn into months, we begin to draw a clear picture of keyword ranking and what keywords your site is being found for. It is here we establish how your SEO strategy is coming to form and it is here we take advantage of new keywords that your site might be ranking for. We take any new keywords and further develop your website with new content using these new keywords to drive more traffic to your site delivering your message and satisfying Search engines

Why is SEO Very Important?

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