see result 2076

What is SEE?

SEE stands for Secondary Education Examination. It is also considered as the most important examination in Nepal. It is a completion of school life and secondary level education. SEE result determines the literacy rate of the country.

In Nepal, students are urged to at least complete their SEE examination. Even, the government schools provide scholarship schemes for students for completing their class 10.

SEE board publishes SEE exam routine, publishes result and distribute certificates to students.

When is SEE result?

SEE (Secondary Education Examination) result generally happens in the month of Ashar. It is published annually. Looking at the previous trend, it takes place more precisely during the mid of Ashar.

How to check SEE result?

It’s a simple process to check the result. There are three methods to check the result. They are Webpage, IVR system, and SMS.

how to check result from web, sms and ivr

The most famous method is to check the result online. You can type your symbol number in the input box above and click submit. Your result will appear on the screen. The result publishes in the form of grades.

The second famous method is SMS. You can type SEE<space><symbolnumber> and send that SMS to 1600. For example: Type SEE 021213123D & send it to 1600.

The third famous method is the IVR system. It was mostly used 5 years before. After the reach of mobile phones through all parts in Nepal, the IVR system of result check has almost disappeared. If you are still using the IVR system, it is wise to use the online method to check the result. You can dial 1600 and follow the instructions from PSTN and CDMA phones.

How is SEE result published?

The result of SEE 2076 will be on the grading system. The latest grading system approved by the board is shown below.

see grading system

Previously, the SEE board used to publish the result in the form of a percentage. To decrease unwanted competition among private schools, the board removed the percentage system and implemented a grading system.

SEE result is published in the form of grades. Previously, it used to be in the percentage. Do you know how SEE result grading is done?

SEE grading is done on out of 4. It can be calculated as the average of theory and practical marks that you obtain during your examination.

The grade chart looks like this:

details of grading system

Advantages of SEE grading system

  • No result failure rate
  • Students will have happy faces
  • Chances to improvise grades in case of obtaining unsatisfactory grades.
  • A decrease in suicidal cases
  • Discourages unprofessional competition among schools.
  • Similar school fees throughout the valley.
  • Upliftment of Government schools.

What to do after SEE exam?

The SEE result publishes after three months of examination. Hence, students can involve several extra-curriculum activities to motivate themselves. Here are some listed activities that they can do after the SEE exam.

  • Traveling
  • Bridge course for class 11 entrance preparation
  • Learning swimming lessons
  • Learning how to play musical instruments
  • Watching creative Youtube videos
  • Playing Games

There are several options for students. They can choose what they desire according to their interests and hobby. Some students like playing games. They can engage in learning games.

The SEE exam is a challenging one. The student can’t give time to other activities except for studies. So, after taking the SEE exam, its time for you.

If some students wish to earn money in their free time, they can do the following activities. These activities will help you in earning money for a lifetime.

  • Blogging
  • Making YouTube videos
  • Learning coding

You can carry on with these activities part-time. You don’t need to hassle more. Life is a learning process and your learning pays you off. You can use YouTube as your teacher.

After you get your SEE result 2076, you can start your further studies. You can do blogging or make videos whenever you are free.

Remember to give priority to your studies whatever amount of money you are earning. It is always better to be educated, highly-skilled and having a well-qualified degree.

I started with Blogging in 2003 after completion of my SEE exam. Although I am a master’s graduate & doing my Ph.D. degree now, I haven’t left blogging yet. It has been my hobby since long & I am being paid well. It is covering all expenses.

In the end, I suggest students learn something productive, which can help you with a lifelong. If you need any guidelines, you can always use the comment section to get in touch with me.