Broadlink Nepal

broadlink nepal

Broadlink Nepal is one of the largest and most trusted internet service providers in Nepal. Few years back broadlink was the market leader but now with so many competitions in market, it is struggling to fight back. They have definitely adapted latest technology to meet the needs of modern customers. They have well qualified team

Nepali Rashifal

Astrology Astrology  is actually a science which often people misunderstand as myth.It studies movements of celestial objects for deriving information about human life. Many cultures including Nepali culture has placed Astrology in peak. They have deep belief and it carries  special significance in their life. One branch of astrology is horoscopes. Horoscopes are the chart

Drone Use And Price in Nepal

drone price in nepal

Previously, Drones were most often associated with the military for information gathering and lately, as weapons platforms. In Nepal as well, drones are now being used in search and rescue work, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring. While these drones are used by the authorities a personal drone can be used by anyone by taking required

Kantipur TV online in HD Quality from Mobile and PC

kantipur tv

Kantipur TV is the most popular channel in Nepal be it among youngsters or adult or even elderly. The variety of program it plays is suitable to all kind of audiences with different genres of entertainment shows. Kantipur TV online definitely is a treat to all kind of audiences. It has shows according to present

Hello Sarkar in Nepal is the Best Service in the World

hello sarkar best call center in the world

Hello sarkar is the official portal of Government of Nepal that was started with the objective of hearing and handling grievances of the public. It gained fame when it turned into call center so that public can directly complain the concerned authority regarding respective issues. Hello sarkar was turned into call center when the functioning