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The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (www CTEVT org np) was established in 1989 with the aim of providing employment opportunities to people and to create technical manpower required to fulfill the countries technical needs. The technical skill provided by CTEVT helps an individual to be independent and employable. Almost 70 % www CTEVT org np result students get employment after completion of the course. Similarly, CTEVT also aims to create more entrepreneurs for country by providing skills required. Many of CTEVT students are self employed and are able to create job for others as well. It is autonomous and sole body of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector of Nepal working for the production of technical and skillful human resources required for Nation Building. Apart from providing vocational and technical education. It also works for policy formulation, preparation of skill based curriculum, conducting various research studies and training needs assessment. CTEVT aims at preparing its students in a way that they can fulfill the needs of skilled resource in international and national market. With more than 100 affiliated institutions, it has been successfully doing so.

www ctevt org np result

What Actually is CTEVT?

Currently headed by Hon. Giri Raj Mani Pokhrel, CTEVT has an assembly comprising of 24 members and a governing board known as Council consisting nine members. CTEVT through its constituted technical schools and training centers, affiliated technical colleges and institutes, offers proficiency/diploma level training, technical school leaving certificate and short-term vocational and skill training out of which many can be further used in pursuing higher education. In present, there are two existing provision of CTEVT programs as Vocational Training Provision and Technical education Provision.

What are the Programs offered by www CTEVT org np Nepal?

Under the vocational training provision, courses are offered as per the demand and needs of the present market and is specially centered towards agriculture, engineering, health, tourism, management and computer. For instance, the most of the institutes under CTEVT have been providing vegetable production, gardening, cooking/baking training and so on. Anyone willing to take up the course can directly join the course.

Who can Join CTEVT?

Under the Technical Education Provision, students receive a diploma or certificate level degree in different fields as Engineering, agriculture, Medical field, office management and so on. Unlike in Vocational training provision, the entry requirement for TSCL level is SEE passed candidates for the course of 15 months, whereas, for the course of twenty nine months it is under SEE. The degree is equivalent to high school degree and the participants can further go for higher studies in any institution they choose. There is no requirement for minimum grade in SEE. Any student who passes SEE can join CTEVT.

Basically, CTEVT has been successfully developing skills and making many people independent. The contribution of CTEVT is quite remarkable in Nations Economy.

ctevt result

www CTEVT org np Result

In this article, we have listed the complete procedure of finding the results of your CTEVT Examinations (www CTEVT org np result). With the mentioned steps, you can know result of any technical field.

  • Browse the official website of CTEVT: http://ctevt.org.np/
  • After entering the home page, scroll down to find the result section along with other sections: Publications, Notice Board, Latest Updates and so on.
  • Click on the view more option in the results section.
  • You will find all the currently published results.
  • Scan for your desired result from the list of results and open the result.
  • You can now view and download the result.

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