SEE Result 2075 From Website and SMS

SEE evaluation system this year will be done through the grading system. Here I provide details on how to see SEE result 2075. Below I have provided some ways to find out your results.

The important notice from Secondary Education Examination S.E.E Board is that result is publishing today on Saturday. The date today is 23rd of June, 2018.

Many students are asking like how can see my SEE result. Everyone is asking to see 2074 2075 result date. The answer is SEE result 2075 date is coming near. You can hear the SEE result out 2075 notice today or tomorrow.

How to see SEE result 2075

SEE result of 2075 is easily available online and on SMS. I will describe to you the quickest way to see SEE result 2075 with grades.

see result 2075

From website service This is the official site of National Examination Board. On the announcement of the result, you can check your results online from this website. The website will provide all the instruction. You just need to enter your symbol number and find out your result. Following the same procedure, you can check your result from other websites as:

Secondary Education Examination SEE result 2074

Through SMS service

You can check your result through SMS. There are many service providers. You can find your result through SMS. Follow the instructions mentioned below for your result:

  • Type SEE space <symbol number> and send it to respective code numbers.

The code numbers of different VAS providers are listed as:

Name of SMS providerCode number
Sparrow SMS35001
Focus Nepal Pvt Ltd35566
Akash Tech31001
One  app communication33624
Easy service Pvt Ltd34949

SEE results through NTC

NTC provides SEE results through Interactive voice response(IVR) and SMS service.

  • To use the IVR you can call 1600 and dial your symbol number on the announcement.

To use the SMS service just type SEE space <symbol number> and send it to 1600 from any NTC number.

SEE Grading system

As per international standard, the evaluation of SEE is done on the basis of the grading system. Many people are still confused regarding the grading system so today we have listed the full detail regarding the SEE grading system.

SEE grading system as per MOE

Percentage obtainedGradesGPA
·         More than 90 %A+4.0
·         (80-89)%A3.6
·         (70-79)%B+3.2
·         (60-69)%B2.8
·         (50-59)%C+2.4
·         (40-49)%C2.0
·         (20-39)%D1.6
·         (1-19)%E0.8

Other universities also are adopting this grading system. Different grading systems are currently being implemented by different universities and education boards as well. The SEE grades have the different meaning.

Faculties to choose as per your grade 

Students must score D plus in compulsory subjects for further studies MOE has set up criteria for choosing subjects in higher studies as per which students must secure minimum of GPA 2 to study Science. Similarly, to study management, humanities and art students should score minimum GPA  1.6. Those who wish to choose technical field should anyhow obtain 1.6 GPA.

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