SEE Exam Routine 2076 by NEPAL Board

The SEE Nepal Board has published the examination routine for 2076. The annual exam provides an opportunity for students to start their new career for higher secondary studies. We will discuss on SEE exam routine 2076 and the important dates with subjects during the examination period.

The very exam starts on Chaitra 6, 2076 on the day of Thursday. There will be an examination of compulsory English on the first day of the SEE exam.

The second day of the exam is on Chaitra 7, 2076. There will be an exam in compulsory Nepali.

The third-day exam is scheduled on Chaitra 9, 2076. Compulsory Mathematics is scheduled for that day.

The fourth-day exam will be of social studies on Chaitra 11, 2076.

The fifth-day exam is scheduled for Health and Environmental Science & it is scheduled on Chaitra 12, 2076.

On the sixth-day, the examination of the optional subject starts. Optional Maths is scheduled on Chaitra 13, 2076.

The seventh-day of the SEE examination routine includes other optional subjects like vegetable and medicinal plant production and utilization of Electrical energy. You can see the full optional subjects in the image provided underneath.

see exam routine 2076
SEE Exam Routine 2076

Likewise, the most important exam for students in Nepal concludes on Chaitra 17, 2076.

It is to inform all the students that the latest routine is confirmed and won’t change in any conditions. The marking system of the exam will be on grades.

The SEE board of Nepal has urged students to start the preparation of examination. The exam will be strict and fair.

The SEE result will be published in the month of Ashar, 2077.

How to download SEE Exam Routine 2076

It is always better to keep the SEE exam routine on your mobile phone. This helps you to prepare for the exam more effectively. Keeping this on the mind, we have planned to provide you the download tips for the SEE routine.

SEE Routine 2076 download

Step 1: Click the image provided. It will open the image only.

see exam routine 2076
Download SEE routine 2076

Step 2: Save the exam routine on your device.

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