Miss Nepal winners 2019

Miss Nepal peasant 2019 had its final this May 9, 2019  and we have already got our winners for this year. Miss Nepal is organized by the Hidden Treasure every year and every year it has been improving. However this year, Miss Nepal received criticism from very beginning. The peasant received criticism when the official

Most loved Miss Nepal winners

Miss Nepal is annual peasant in Nepal that selects five winners to compete in five respective international peasants as Miss World Nepal, Miss Universe Nepal, Miss Nepal earth, Miss Nepal international and Miss Nepal Supranational. These winners just don’ represent the country in international platform but at the same time, they stand as role model

Most loved singers in Nepal in 2019

Melina Rai Melina Rai is a famous playback singer from Nepal. She usually sings for movies rather than releasing her singles. Melina Rai has released some singles as well and all those are a big hit. She has very sweet voice that suits perfectly for playback singing. Her songs like Pirim nalaune, Nacha Firiri, Sirai

Five least developed places in Nepal

Our previous article listed the names of five most developed cities of Nepal. But we all know Nepal comprises of undeveloped regions more than developed ones. There are people who live below the poverty line, there are many villages where even the basic means of living is not available. People live in absence of electricity,