How to get license for two wheeler in Nepal ?

Getting a driving license in Nepal is quite a job .  You have to stay in long queue, deal with the employees there and go through all the chaos. Also the license examination is quite tough. Sometimes People with years of experience also fail the license exam. Many people spend days in the process of

Five amazing things about Nepal

Nepal is a country one of its kind. It is amazing from so many aspects. From people to its natural beauty everything about Nepal is just amazing. And we Nepalese can’t get tired of describing the beauty and uniqueness of our country. Nepal has it all if we talk about resources but unfortunately it still

Everything you need to know about Islam and Kirat religion

Nepal is a secular country and many religions exist here in the country. It is amazing how so many religions are living here peacefully . Today in the article I am listing names of two most followed religion after hinduism and Buddhism. Islam            Islam is the third most followed religion in Nepal. In Nepal only

Three Miss Nepal winners who have a foreign degree

In past few years the popularity and recognition of Miss Nepal has been increasing quite a bit. In past days Miss Nepal was considered not very good but with time people have started appreciating the pageant and  the winners as well. So coming to this day many girls dream of becoming Miss Nepal. We have