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Astrology is actually a science which often people misunderstand as myth.It studies movements of celestial objects for deriving information about human life. Many cultures including Nepali culture has placed Astrology in peak. They have deep belief and it carries special significance in their life. One branch of astrology is horoscopes.

Horoscopes are the chart representing the positions of the Sun, Moon and all the celestial bodies including planet. The horoscopes help predicting future and present of any person. The horoscope also defines the characters and personality of Person and in Nepal people have deep belief in horoscope. That is the reason why so many columns of newspaper is covered by horoscope. There are group of People who never start their day without reading horoscopes. This belief is good but only to some extent but sometimes the belief goes way beyond that it actually harms one’s life. No particular proof is there for the validity of horoscopes , however horoscopes still have a lot of significance.

The horoscopes contribute a lot in increasing readers of a newspaper. Also these days there are many websites available for reading your horoscopes. Not just in TV and newspaper you can read your daily horoscope in your phone.

Significance of Rashifal

In many culture Zodiac signs have special significance. In Nepal as well people have deep belief in Rashifal. Therefore many People start their day with reading the Rashifal. There are many websites and platforms for reading daily Rashifal. You can even download apps to look at your daily Rashifal. Rashifal in Nepali are determined by the birth name. At the time of birth of baby the local priest assigns birth name to every baby as per the position of celestial bodies. That name determines the Rashifal. These days many website take help of a astrologist or the Jyotish and publish Rashifal in their website.Here is the list of some websites that provides you daily Rashifal.

How to check daily Rashifal?


These are some trusted and reliable websites for your Rashifal. They publish your daily, weekly and monthly Rashifal. Some of them are too brief and don’t give reliable information however some are quite reliable.

List of zodiac signs

There are total of twelve Zodiac signs or Rashifal. In English horoscope, the zodiac are assigned as per the birth date whereas in Nepali Rashifal it is the birth name. As I have listed already the birth name is basis for Rashifal. I have listed the Nepali and English zodiac signs. Each Zodiac signs represent the unique characters ,weaknesses and strengths.

  1. Aries or Mesh in Nepali
  2. Taurus or Brish in Nepali
  3. Gemini or Mithun
  4. Cancer or Karkat
  5. Leo or Singha
  6. Virgo or Kanya
  7. Libra or Tula
  8. Scorpio or Brishchik
  9. Sagittarius or Dhanu
  10. Capricorn or Makar
  11. Aquarius or Kumbha and
  12. Pisces or Min

Belief in horoscope to an extent is good but make sure to not fully depend on it. Stay updated for more articles.

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