How to get MRP in Nepal ?

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We all know how hectic can administrative work be in Nepal. You have to wait for queues, deal with the arrogant officers and of course in many cases no work gets done without  middle man.

You have deal with all of that be it while issuing your citizenship certificate, driving license or your passport.  Saying from my own experience, there is a long process and if you ask someone there in the office you will only get confusing information.  So in this article I have tried to list the detailed procedure of getting passport.

  Required Documents

Before listing out the procedures let me list the required documents . Other than your MRP photo you will require the passport application form . You will have to fill the form online and print it. I will describe how to fill the form in details later on this article. Then you will need your citizenship card. You will need both the original and copy of your citizenship.

 How to fill the passport application form online?

For filling the application form download the form from the link:

You must open the form using adobe Acrobat. Once you open the downloaded form, fill in all your details. You can even get all these procedures done by the consultancy outside the CDO office. Once you fill in the form, print it. Since we don’t usually have printer in our house,  download the form and get it printed.

Note : Use A4 size paper to print the form.

 You can fill the passport application form by yourself from home or you can even find people who will fill it for you outside the CDO.

One more thing while you print your application form. Print the application form without any modifications in the original layout.


Visit CDO in Baneshowr

Once you fill the passport application and print out the filled copy. You need to submit it to the CDO in Baneshwor. It is the same office from where you issued your citizenship. Before you leave for the office you need to know the office working hours so that you won’t have to return without getting your work done.

The regular office hours is 8 AM to 2 PM while in Friday it operates for 8 AM to  ! PM. There is public holiday in Saturday.

 Processing fee for Passport                                                           

  • Regular processing for passport is Rs 5000 and you get it 2 months after you apply for it.
  • You can get your passport in 3 days if you pay Rs 10000 for the same passport.
  • Similarly, to get it the next day you need to pay  Rs 12000.
  • If you need it the same day you will have to pay Rs  15000.

Remember all the passports are same , the price is different as per the time. This system has been introduces for people who have emergency .

 About MRP Photo

Remember your MRP photo is not as regular passport size photo. You need a very clear photo without makeup and any jewelleries . Your face should be seen clearly and both your ears should show in the photo. So make sure you get your photo clicked from a experienced photograph. Don’t try to save some money by doing it yourself.

Procedure to follow in the office

 Here is the detailed procedure what you need to do when you go to the CDO with your printed application form. Make sure to go the office with all the required documents.

 With all the documents you have go to citizenship verification: room no. 105.  You need to prove your identity by submitting your original citizenship card along with its copy. There are  high chances you will have to wait in queue .

I don’t understand why government offices are always so crowdy. It could be because of ineffective management of the office or carelessness of the staffs. 

Anyways when your turn comes the officer will attest your citizenship and sign in a copy of your citizenship. This completes work in room 105. Now you head to room no 107.

 Documents verification

Now all the process are just concerned with verifying your documents. Now in room 107 all your documents will be verified.  The officer will sign all your documents and you now go to room no 106.

When you go to room no. 106 same process will repeat. You documents will be signed by another officer.

 Then to room no. 303. In this room as well the officer will sign your documents .

   Payment procedure

Now it is time to make payment. There is bank next to the office. You will have to pay for your processing fee through the bank. Fill the voucher and fill in the required processing fee. For normal Rs 5000.After depositing the money your task is almost done.

 Now again go to room no 107 and leave your photo there. Then also leave all the copies of your required documents.  You will get date of when you can collect your passport. Make sure to keep the bank voucher with you. You will need these while collecting your passport.

 On the day of Passport collection

 Go to the office on the given date. For regular one you will have to go 50 days after you apply for passport.  And for other ones you can get it earlier.

When you go to take your passport you need some documents to prove your identity ,it could be your citizenship or even driving license will work.

How to find your serial number ?

To get your passport you need your serial number. Find your serial number it will be written in a paper and the would be glued somewhere. You can ask guard for the help. The serial number will be based on the date you applied for your passport.

 Get in queue once you find your serial number and give your voucher to the officer. You will then get your passport.

You are still not done you need to get signature on the new passport as well. For that, go to room no 106.

Now you are finally done.

 How powerful is the Nepali passport ?

Well Nepali passport is not definitely the strongest one. But it ranks 86th most powerful passport.  With Nepali passport you can travel to 39 countries without prior visa.

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