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Gorkhapatra is the oldest newspaper in Nepal. It is the first Nepali newspaper that delivers news in Nepali language and is run by Gorkhapatra Sansthan. The newspaper launched in May 1901 as a weekly newspaper and later became daily in 1961. Gorkhapatra used to be platform for all kind of news advertisements, job vacancies and result publication. In other words, it was the only newspaper for the means of communication and entertainment. Gorkhapatra online still has some loyal customers who prefer to read the traditional paper newspaper and some who prefer epapers.

gorkhapatra online

But now, Gorkhapatra has also embraced technology and has started its online service. Like any other online newspapers, Gorkhapatra is available online and you can read all the news in the gorkhapatra epaper. With its advancement in technology, it now has wider range of customers. Young People and elderly’s all over Nepal dearly love Gorkhapatra. Be it the paper version or the epaper Gorkhapatra is everyone’s favorite.

Gorkhapatra online has all kind of news in Nepali. It provides Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy notices and Lok Sewa Aayog Result. Now, The Rising Nepal is under management of Gorkhapatra Sansthan. It covers news in English language. Here is the link to Gorkhapatra online: http://gorkhapatraonline.com/.

Similarly for Gorkhapatra epaper readers here is the link: http://gorkhapatraonline.com/epaper. With epaper you can watch daily news in your smart phone for free and no more paying for daily newspaper dose.

The epaper comes in daily and weekly publications and also has a monthly publication. The monthly publication includes Muna, Yuwamanch and Madhupark. The prime readers are teenagers and young people but it is decreasing gradually.

With Gorkhapatra online, you get the latest news on political issue, recent trends, happenings all over the country. Being the oldest newspaper it has a legacy to maintain and is definitely doing that with its authentic news.

Benefits of Gorkhapatra Online

  • Extremely fast news: Now in Gorkhapatra online you can get news on time and within seconds. No more waiting for the newspaper to arrive in your house. Latest news and updates from Nepal is a touch away.
  • Completely Free: The best thing about online Gorkhapatra is that you don’t have to pay even a penny for the news. You need an internet connection and you are good to go. Just download the Gorkhapatra app for free and enjoy the best of Nepali news.
  • No personal information required: You can watch the news anonymously without giving any personal details. Unlike the traditional Gorkhapatra where you had to provide personal information and details to get daily news subscription.
  • Interactive news: You can make comments in the comment section. You can directly send your views, complaints and suggestion to Gorkhapatra with Gorkhapatra online.
  • Environmentally friendly: What is best than knowing that your newspaper no more adds harm to the nature. The traditional newspapers are made by cutting trees while the online newspaper totally eliminates this factor and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

 Drawbacks of Gorkhapatra

Despite having so many advantages Gorkhapatra online definitely has some drawbacks. First and foremost being, that readers in rural area can’t take its advantage. Many loyal and oldest readers of Gorkhapatra live in Remote area and they can’t get their epaper in their area. The other drawback may be that readers can post their comments directly on the website. This somewhere makes the newspaper less effective and affects the effectiveness of the newspaper. However, the epaper is a revolution and audiences are loving it. You too get your epaper and enjoy news for free and without any hassles.

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