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The republic of Korea every year hires hundreds of workers to work and live in the country from developing countries as Myanmar, Philippines including Nepal through Employment Permit Service (EPS). Basically, the main motive behind EPS is to manage the insufficient workforce in Korea. The main purpose is to maintain a workforce balance after the country faced severe shortage of labor work force. Before talking more about EPS TOPIK, lets talk more about EPS.

It is a 3 years long visa with expansion possibility of 2 years. Every year thousands of Nepali apply for the EPS.This shows the severe lack of employment opportunities in Nepal. However, EPS Korea has become a major source of remittance generation in Nepal and has helped many youths to earn their  living.

EPS Korea Jobs

Nepali youths go to Korea to work through the Employment permit System (EPS). The Republic of Korea announces list of skilled profession and they are usually under these 5 categories:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Service
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock and Fishing

EPS 2019 Application procedure

The applying candidate has to select a sector among these five sectors. One candidate can apply for a job in only one sector. The EPS 2018  demanded 10,200 workers. The result was announced in 30th June  2017.The number for 2019 will be announced in first months of 2018.Any worker willing to enter Korea through EPS must take a language test ; EPS TOPIK Which stands for Test of Proficiency in Korean language.


EPS TOPIK is a mandatory test and is a  first step of your visa process. Person who gets a minimum  mark of a 80% is only eligible for further process. However, passing the test only doesn’t confirm your selection in the EPS. There are many institutions that runs preparation class on EPS TOPIK.The selection for 2019 workers is done on 2018 and exam date is announced in first quarter of every year. Any Nepali within the age limit of 18-39 is eligible to take the EPS TOPIK Test.

eps topik
eps topik

Criteria for EPS working visa

Following are the criteria for workers to apply for the EPS:

  • Person between 18 to 39 years of age
  • The person must get at least 80% marks in the Korean Language Test(EPS TOPIK)
  • Person should not have been  deported from republic of Korea in the past
  • Person with no criminal records in the past
  • He/she must meet all the required criteria cited by both countries in terms of health condition, age limit
  • He /she shouldn’t have been banned for Travel from his/her home country.

How to apply EPS Visa?

EPS has helped to decrease unemployment in Nepal and many Youths apply for EPS every year. I have mentioned the brief procedure of getting a job under the EPS:

  • Take the Korean language test (EPS TOPIK)
  • Skill test is required for those who have passed the language test
  • If you get a 80% marks , you are eligible for job application, apply for job in your selected sector along with necessary documents.
  • If you get the job, next step is the employment contract.
  • Enter Korea with E-9 or the EPS visa
  • You will receive a preliminary training and then will be assigned to your work place.

EPS 2019 wages and pay rate in Korea

The South Korea has recently increased the minimum wage rate by 6 % percent , this step would definitely result in increase of applicants for EPS 2019.It is  a good news for nepali workers in Korea but its now high time  for both  Government and private sector  to realize the devastating long term effects of labor migration and take steps to generate employment within the country.

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    1. Please go through step by step procedure mentioned in the link. This will help you for your every problem regarding EPS.

  1. Dear sir,
    I am interested to go through eps but I have a x Ray of chest problem. When I checked , x Ray shows something spot on chest but doctor says that is nothing. No problem on chest but seen on chest x-ray. Can I apply in eps or could be fail on medical because of this x-ray ? I would be happy if I get the good feedback.
    Thank you

  2. Dear sir
    Here is written pass percent above 80%. And I got 180 marks but I fail. Now I am totally confused. Please make me clear.

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