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Drone Use And Price in Nepal

drone price in nepal

Previously, Drones were most often associated with the military for information gathering and lately, as weapons platforms. In Nepal as well, drones are now being used in search and rescue work, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring. While these drones are used by the authorities a personal drone can be used by anyone by taking required

Car Price in Nepal Hyundai Ford Honda Nissan Lasted Car price

car price nepal

Nepal now spends billions in importing 4 wheeler. Cars are now accessible to many of us with low cost EMI service, easy banking procedure and second hand transaction, import on cars have increased exponentially as the demand has. Different brands of car are available in the market most of whose distribution is handled by corporate

Dell Laptop Price in Nepal [Updated]

dell laptop price nepal

Dell laptop in Nepal is a trusted brand when it comes to laptop. It has got ranges of laptops for both high and low budget costumers. Dell, an American multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, develops and sells computers and related products and services at affordable price. In Nepal as

Best Camera in Nepal DSLR cameras Travel cameras Bridge cameras

best camera nepal

I have listed DSLR cameras in Nepal, travel cameras in Nepal, bridge cameras in Nepal and other types of cameras in Nepal with price in the article. Photography is a respected profession throughout the world and in recent years in Nepal as well it is not only limited to hobby but is now a respected

Scooter price in Nepal Electric Scooter Price Petrol Scooter Price[Updated]

scooter price in nepal

Scooter is another very famous two wheeler in Nepal. This two wheeler popular specially among women and in recent years we see many men also riding it.  Previously electric scooters were not very popular but recently, people have started using electric scooters specially after frequent fuel shortage. We have listed out latest price for NIU

Best Smartphone under 20000 in Nepal

best smartphone under 20000 in nepal

There are lots of smartphones in the market. You should not always have the expensive one on your hands for all kind of services. I have listed out the best smartphone under 20000 in Nepali market. Many of us dream to have a best smartphone under 20000 in Nepal with good features but are on