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Debit Cards Credit Cards in Nepal

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Debit cards and credit cards are now used by almost everyone in Nepal. With reformation and development in the banking sector of Nepal, the use of debit and credit cards is increasing every day. Every banks offer easy debit and credit card facility and are competing with each other in terms of customer service. The use

Who are Nepali Madhesi? What is Madhesh andolan in Nepal?

Who are Nepali Madhesi What is Madhesh andolan in Nepal

The word Madhesi is the term used for people of Indian ancestry residing in the Terai region of Nepal. However, coming to this time the term is used for all Nepali citizens residing in Terai. The word comprise of “madhya desh” or “middle country” which refers to the country lying between the Himalayas and Vindhya mountains. The Nepali Madhesi people

10 Dangerous Plane crash in Nepal

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Plane crash happens quite often in Nepal. Not only national flights but international flights also get in severe crashes killing hundreds of people. In recent years as well Nepal has seen many severe plane crashes. With Lukla airport which is considered to be one of the most dangerous runway of the world being in Nepal,

Tootle App Mobile based motorbike ridesharing platform in Nepal

You go to office or college every day. You don’t want to travel in those crowded public vehicles and you can’t afford the overpriced Taxis. So what would you do? You can use Tootle App as a cheap transportation medium in Nepal. Sixit Bhatta is the Founder of Tootle. Benefits of Tootle App for the Country

Falgun 7 Democracy day Prajatantra Diwas in Nepal

Falgun 7 Democracy day Prajatantra Diwas in Nepal

Prajatantra Diwas is the celebration of freedom and democracy by Nepali People. It is the democracy day when Nepal got freed from 104 years of cruel Rana Regime and monarchy system got re-established in 1951 AD(2070 BS). It is celebrated in Falgun 7 of each year. Rana regime was a cruel system where autocratic leaders

Foreign Employment – Nepalese in abroad – Nepal Labor Migration

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Migration of workers from one country to another for employment is called foreign employment. It is basically migration of labor workers. Nepal holds a leading position in number of labor workers migration. Due to lack of employment and very less wages of labor workers, the rate of labor migrants is increasing every year. The employment

FM Stations in Nepal with List of Top 10 Radio Station in Nepal

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Nepal has had many transformation in the field of communication over the years. Communication was limited to postal service office in few districts and was mainly used for Government Purpose. General public were deprived of basic communication service. Then Radio service started in Nepal, but it couldn’t reach to many people because of difficult geographic