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Popular faces in Nepal

Nepal is developing very day and we have seen changes in so many industries. Be it the entertainment industry or other sector , there has been significant improvement. The entertainment  sector is blooming and so is other related industries. The fashion industry, the music industry are all related with each other and one’s success highly

Everything you need to know about Hinduism religion

Majority of Nepali follow Hinduism religion . But how many of us know about the origin of the religion and everything else about it. This article is solely dedicated to all those followers of Hinduism and those who want to know more about the religion. Hinduism                                                               Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. 

Everything you need to know about Islam and Kirat religion

Nepal is a secular country and many religions exist here in the country. It is amazing how so many religions are living here peacefully . Today in the article I am listing names of two most followed religion after hinduism and Buddhism. Islam            Islam is the third most followed religion in Nepal. In Nepal only