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Broadlink Nepal is one of the largest and most trusted internet service providers in Nepal. Few years back broadlink was the market leader but now with so many competitions in market, it is struggling to fight back. They have definitely adapted latest technology to meet the needs of modern customers. They have well qualified team of professionals and you can get your internet connection just a phone call away.

broadlink nepal

Broadlink Speed capacity

Broadlink Nepal for now has two types of scheme. The internet connection with 25 Mbps speed and 45 Mbps speed. For home or personal use 25 Mbps is good choice and for corporate use 45 Mbps is suitable. However from my previous experience, the problem with broadlink is that the internet device will just not work for some hours and i had to wait for hours to do my work. But now they have updated and become better. Customers give quite good response to broadlink. With increase in use of technology in Nepal, internet service providers are also increasing. They are coming up with attractive schemes and reliable features. So is broadlink with it’s festive offer.

Cost associated with internet connection

Broadlink recently has festive offer for its 25 Mbps and 45 Mbps speed internet. The cost associated with internet connection with service of 12 months is listed as:

  • 25 Mbps for the period of 12 months

Plan Cost: NRs 12420

Installation: Free for the festive period

Security deposit: 1500

Wire Charges: NRs 1000

Device Rental: NRs 1000

Total cost: NRs 15920

With total of NRs 215920 you can enjoy a year of the fastest internet connection with speed of 25 Mbps. These speed is just enough for you to scroll through any pages or videos without buffering.

  • 45 Mbps for period of 12 months

Plan cost: NRs 17280

Installation Charge: Free for the festive period

Security deposit: NRs 1500

Wire Charges: NRs 1000

Device Rental: NRs 1000

Total Cost: NRs 20780

This scheme is perfect for your office. You can enjoy good quality internet connection without any obstacles at cost of NRs 20780.

This is charge for first time connection. After completion of first year you just have to pay the plan cost. The security deposit, wire charges, device rental and installation charges are no more applicable.

How to get connected with Broadlink

Getting an internet connection is really easy these days. As I mentioned before, the connection is just a call away. All you need to do is contact any branch nearest to your residence. The consultants will describe you thoroughly about the recent schemes and offers. Choose a package as per your need and you are good to go. You can just call them or visit their office. The technicians will come to your place and within an hour you get internet connection.

Another way to contact the broadlink office is via their website. Follow the steps below to get your internet connection:

  • Visit the website of Broadlink:
  • On the home page you will see option of new connection in left side.
  • Click on the option and fill in the required details.
  • Fill your name, email, mobile number and the package you want to purchase.
  • Broadlink staffs will call you and come to your place for connection at your convenience.

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