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There is very big role of primary school in overall development of your child. School acts as  strong base for your child’s future.  Schooling shapes your child’s behavior and manners . Above that  it prepares children for higher studies and good schooling has deep impact on personality of a kid. Therefore it is very important that you as a parent choose right school for your child. With increasing population, there is need of more schools in Nepal and yes there are many around the country. Out of many schools in and outside the valley, I am listing some of the best schools in country.

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Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilkantha School doesn’t even need introduction. Every year thousands of students apply for the entrance examination but unfortunately only some make it up to the school. The school is located in Kathmandu and is government owned. It was established in 1972 with joint collaboration of Government of Nepal and Government of UK. Unlike The British schools it is fully handled by Nepali professionals.

For the first twenty years the school operated with British principal and few British teachers as well. But later on it was handed over to Nepali Government and Nepali faculty has also maintained the goodwill of the school. The school is still ranked one of the best schools in Nepal. It has total of seventy five faculty members and one hundred fifty five support staffs . The school is managed under Public Trust where Ministry of Education is the main trustee. Budanilkantha is a perfect example of good government owned school. The students of Budhanilkantha have also always maintained the standard will all fronts.

The British school

 The British school was established by joint collaboration of United Kingdom and Nepal in 1966. It then operated as primary school but now it also runs A levels  . The school runs with sixty full time UK recruited teachers . the majority of staffs there including the principal are British so you may fear your child will learn all the British culture . But you can always keep him rooted to Nepali culture and above all your child will get to experience international teaching methodologies and practices. Your child will study international curriculum along with national curriculum of Mathematics and English.

 There are staff members from fifty countries, This is the perfect example of globalization. Your child will experience diversity and of course learn a lot. It will be tough for your kid to adapt for some time if he joined later but if he started his early schooling with the British School it will be easy for him. The British School is not definitely the usual school and it will make your child also extraordinary.

Saint Xavier’s School

Saint Xavier’s School is another very big name when it comes to schools. Because of it’s reputation it gets applications of thousands of students willing to study in the school.   Thre area so many tuition centers in Kathmandu that solely help students to pass the entrance examination to enter the school. Saint Xavier’s is definitely the best because of its faculty members and its management and also it’s students. The teaching methodology , environment and the faculty together deliver the best to the students and those students further add to the reputation of the school.

Malpi School

Malpi International School started  in 1998 A.D. by a group of professionals from different walks of life namely  doctors, engineers, architects, business people, industrialists, and educationists.   The school is best known for its unique approach of dealing with students. They believe in individualism and treat each child differently as per their needs. I am sure Malpi will groom your child to a responsible adult. Initially started as primary school Malpi school now has A levels as well . Discipline is the core value of Malpi school and the students also  have maintain that reputation since its establishment.

Gandaki Boarding School : Pokhara

Gandaki Boarding School termed as GBS is  one of the best school in not just western region but all over Nepal. GBs has built its own reputation with excellency . GBS was established under joint collaboration of Ministry of Education and United Mission to Nepal (UMN) in 1966.UMN is the prior manger and supporter of the school.  At present tit runs under Public education Trust chaired by Regional Education director of western development region.It is also  best example of Government owned school .  It is situated in Pokhara and with years of goodwill has established itself as finest institution in Nepal. Every year there is tough competition among students to get admission in the reputed school and that’s why only the best reach p to GBS . Those best students also add to the integrity and reputation of the School.  To sum up GBs is one of the best choice for your child . It may tough to ace the exams but again nothing is tough if you have dedication and passion.

Ullens School

 Ullens School was established in  2006 with partnership with the Bank Street College of Education, New York. The Ullens School  is the first IB World School in Nepal that was authorized by the Government of Nepal. It follows National  curriculum with international approach. It claims safe and happy learning for all . Being  the first IBP school in Nepal Ullens has maintained its reputation. The fee maybe quite heavy for your pocket but yes the result could be very good.

Little Angels School

Little Angels’ School is another very well known school in Nepal. Many schools in Nepal run under affiliation of Little Angels school . And the little Angels school in itself is a very big name. Established by pioneer names in fields of education and other faculties Little Angels is definitely vest school for your angel.   It was established in 1981 and has earned good reputation since then.

Little Angels school is also one of the largest private school in country. Well known for its academic excellence and the nurturing environment, Little angels school is only becoming better.

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