Beautiful Nepali Festivals

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Festivals are great time to sit back and enjoy with friends and family. They are a break from daily busy life and refresh you at the same time. Festivals are also part of culture and even though celebration of many festivals is decreasing these days, we still have many festivals to revive ourselves. Sometimes people celebrate festivals a bit extravagantly and that becomes an issue. But otherwise festival is great break for all adults, elderly and child.

Significance of festivals

There are no schools for children ,no office  for adults and elderly get to meet all the family members on certain festivals. The norm of celebrating festival is directly related to culture. Types of festival and the way you celebrate it differs from culture to culture. Many ethnic groups have different festivals to celebrate and even festivals differ as per geographical regions. While many festivals are exclusive to some caste group and geographical region, many festivals are celebrated everywhere by Nepalese.   Let’s discuss about our festivals in the article today . Here is list of my favorite festivals :


Tihar is celebrated by Nepalese all over the world. It is second greatest festival in Nepal and most favorite festival of many Nepalese. Tihar is festival of lights, festival that denotes  the end of darkness with lights. These festival is more special because it celebrates different animals and our relationship with them. And also it celebrates relationship of brother and sister.

Celebration of Animals and human relationship

Tihar is celebrated for 5 days. In each day,  we worship different animals and gods. At the last day we celebrate  Bhaitika which is celebration for brother and sister relationship. In the first day we worship crow , we feed it and offer garland to it early in the morning. Crow is considered as messenger of the god of death. We worship crow and belief that our after life will be peaceful and any obstacle free. Then the other day we celebrate Kukur tihar. We offer food to Kukur and the best thing this day is that even the street doggies are fed and treated well that day.

It is an appreciation of dog for all it does throughout the year for mankind. The next day is for worshiping goddess laxmi “ Symbol of prosperity .”  Laxmi is worshipped for prosperity and wealth.  The same day cow is worshiped as cow is one of the source of income for people. Cow is worshipped for everything she gives.

The other day there is Govardan Puja.  Govardan is a mountain that saved people  from calamities in the mahabharat period.   People make a representation of that mountain and worship it. Then there is final  day is   for brothers and sisters . In this day sister put Bhaitika on brother’s forehead and pray for their long life. There are many rituals that have different meanings. Basically,  sister pray for long life of brother and brother promise to take care of their sister forever.

Festival of lights

During tihar every house is clean and people decorate it with flowers, lights and diyo. There is light everywhere and in every house. People play deusi vailo during the night. They visit different houses  dancing and singing typical deusi  vailo songs. And in return they get money , food items,fruits from the house owner.  That is the beauty of Nepali culture and festivals. Because of all this reasons,  Tihar is definitely my favorite festival.


Dashain  is the biggest festival in Nepal. And that too is celebrated by almost all Nepalese all over the world. It is festival of blessing, it is celebration of relations and their beauty.  People celebrate it by consuming delicious food item specially mutton meat  and receiving blessings from elders .

Festival of blessings

This festival is also celebrated for more than 10 days. Every office and every educational institute remains closed during Dashain. Everyone gets holiday. On the main day of Dashain  ie Tika  People receive tika and blessings from elders . This day is more significant for children because they get money as Dakshina with the blessings. People receive tika from family members, relatives and all the respected personalities.  In that period people meet their relatives, friends and spend time with each other. They just get together . Certain games are also exclusive to  Dashain like playing the swing. People together make a special kind of swing in each locality with bamboo and ropes. People together  fly kites and play cards. Basically it is time when people just celebrate relationships and their values. People meet each other and forget their daily chores during festivals. They refresh you and gives you break from routine life.


Nepali people celebrate many festivals to welcome new seasons. Holi is one of them. It is the festival that welcomes early summer after the end of winter . Holi is festival of colors . Nepali celebrate Holi in the month of Falgun and It has great significance. People put colors on the ones they love and splash water on them. This is just a gesture welcoming the summer. People get together and put color and water on each other. These days people often take advantage of this festival and trouble the pedestrians while this is illegal in Nepal. You can only play with someone with their consent. We often hear cases where people hurt others because of this silly mischief.  Local authority has been more strict in this issue thus people now play in more civilized manner.

Maghi Parva

Maghi parva is another festival that welcomes a new season. We celebrate Maghi in Magh  remarking  the near end of winter. People eat typical food including Gheu Chakku,  Tilauri , Sel Roti, Boiled yams and so on. Tharu in Terai Region celebrate Maghi in much more grand way . While in Hilly area , People celebrate the festival for one day with some typical food items . The celebration in Terai can last for days and with many rituals.

These were some of the festivals Nepali celebrate with great enthusiasm. All these festivals have different significance and meaning. They are a great getaway from routine life , a great time to celebrate relationships and  this beautiful life. Tell us in the comment section , Which is your favorite festival ?

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