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Drone Use And Price in Nepal

drone price in nepal

Previously, Drones were most often associated with the military for information gathering and lately, as weapons platforms. In Nepal as well, drones are now being used in search and rescue work, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring. While these drones are used by the authorities a personal drone can be used by anyone by taking required

Hello Sarkar in Nepal is the Best Service in the World

hello sarkar best call center in the world

Hello sarkar is the official portal of Government of Nepal that was started with the objective of hearing and handling grievances of the public. It gained fame when it turned into call center so that public can directly complain the concerned authority regarding respective issues. Hello sarkar was turned into call center when the functioning

NEB Result Class 12 Published Today on Thursday

neb result class 12

NEB result class 12 for 2075 is out today on Thursday. The date of result is 2075/4/17. We understand the waiting period of the result is really painful. National Examination Board of Nepal has announced the publishment of class 12 result today. Students can easily check result and their scores. It has been confirmed that

Nepal Police Report Online Nepal Police Online SMS Service

nepal police online service

When E-Governance is the trending topic these days we can see many changes happening in different sectors. Many Government companies have started online service. In such case, Nepal Police have also started online report submitting system. Nowadays anyone can file their report online. Nepal police started this service from the previous year and have received

NEA Bill Payment Methods Khalti eSewa Banks

nea bill payment online

NEA Bill payment has always been very tedious job. Staying in the queue and dealing with the arrogant staffs is no less than punishment and of course how can we forget the fine you pay for being late. Those days are gone now you can directly pay your bills online. I am mentioning few ways

Nepal idol Season 2 Judges Audition Date Eligibility Requirement

nepal idol season 2

Nepal idol, the first ever franchise show brought in Nepal happened this in 2017 with a grand success. This was probably the most successful show in terms of TRP in the Nepali entertainment field. It provides platform to hundreds of aspiring singers and it was amazing to watch the show even as a audience. Nepal

How to take Loan in Ncell and NTC

ncell sapati

We often get in trouble with no balance in our phones. When there is no possibility for recharge or even borrowing form a friend, the Ncell sapati and NTC sapati are the only savior. Ncell started loan service 5 years back but NTC has just recently started its sapati service. How to take loan in

MRP Passport Nepal 38 Countries Nepalese can travel without visa

mrp passport nepal

The passport of Nepal is definitely not the most powerful one in the world. But it is surprising to know that cost of getting a Nepali MRP passport is the most costly in south Asia. Nepal is ranked 97 in terms of powerful passport. Passport of Germany is the most powerful passport of the world