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Lekhnath Festival 2069

Date : Magh 26 - Falgun 8

Venue : Lekhnath-1, Bhandardhik

Organizer : Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)

Nepal Nachcha(Pokhara)

Fri Apr 13 2012 at 04:00 pm

Venue : Club paradiso

Created By : Nyayaxism Nepal

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Lekhnath Redcross

Nepal Redcross Society,Lekhnath branch was formally established on 2051 B.S. in the presidency of Mr. Hiramani Subedi in Lekhnath, Arghaun. From the time of its establishment, Lekhnath Redcross has been conducting various social activities like: blood donation, trainings, health services,donation collections,etc.
It also has been carrying out its most ambitious project “Drinking water Project” in mainly five
important regions of Lekhnath in the leadership of Mr Hiramani Subedi.

The projects were named as:

  • Bhuwan Kuna Khane Pani Yojana
  • (Bhuwan Kuna Drinking Water Project)
  • Rakhi Khane Pani Yojana
  • (Rakhi Drinking Water Project)
  • Bhandardhik Khane pani Yojana
  • (Bhandardhik Drinking Water Project)
  • Shishuwa Laxmi Adharsha Khane Pani Yojana
  • (Shishuwa Laxmi Adarsha Drinking Water Project)
  • Arghaun Dandakonak Khane Pani Yojana
  • (Arghaun Dandakonak Drinking Water Project)

    Later the branches of Lekhnath Redcross were extended in

    Rakhi for ward no. 4 and 5
    Ghotghote for ward no. 8 and 12
    Gagan gauda for ward no. 13 and 14
    Pachabhaiya for ward no. 9and 10
    The Arghaun Redcross Society Services in the ward 2,3,6 and 7 and
    it has two storey building of its own and an Ambulance donated by
    Indian Embassy which is used for the people in need in a cheaper price.
    It has a library which is open from morning to evening for the general public.

    The present presidents of all the branches and sub branches of Lekhnath Redcross are given below:

  • Arghaun Redcross Circle:-
  • Mr. Hiramani Subedi
  • Rakhi Redcross Circle:-
  • Mr. Murahari Paudel
  • Gagangauda Redcross Circle:-
  • Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha
  • Ghotghote Redcross Circle:-
  • Mr. Dev Mani Bhandari
  • Pachbhaiya Redcross Circle:-
  • Mr. Dhruba Nath Adhikari

    Lekhnath Redcross Circle is a dedicated voluntary organization that has been making long lleaps till date and it has gained popularity in local and national level due to its various appreciable services for the local people in Lekhnath Region.